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Puzzle 130 - Themeless #94 (let's ride)

Wanted to get a puzzle out before Westwords...then decided that I loved it so much so I submitted it to our pals at AVCX+ (fingers crossed). So, back to the drawing board and you know what I love this bad boy too! Also if you are at Westwords come say hi! I've never been to a tournament before and am beyond excited to meet so many wonderful folks! See you Sunday!

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Puzzle 129 - Themeless #93 (little green circle marks the spot)

What to do when your kids wake up at 2:30, you finally get them back to sleep around 3, and then you can't get yourself back to sleep? Welp, for me I chose "finish cluing this bad boy" and I'm happy I did. Hope you are too!

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Puzzle 128 (one month)

That time of year again, when soon I will spend a few days sitting by the water, beer in hand, cheekful of sunflower seeds, puzzle clipboard on my lap, and no phone or Internet or any connection to the outside world. Perfection. Oh - and we now have a full family of four bicycle riders as our youngest is now a little cyclist too <3. Things are pretty good over here :)

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Puzzle 127 - Themeless #92 (the goodest dog)

Been a while! Kinda just ended up taking a crossword break for a bit but things are good, lots of family time, biking, soccer, working on myself, all that good stuff. Anyways, I made a not that funny joke last night and decided that it was perfect for a crossword. Cheers!

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Puzzle #126 - Themeless #91 (feelin' 22)

Howdy! Here with a jumbo themeless puzzle today - a 22x19 rectangle of wonderfulness! Started off as a normal-sized stagger stack...then I noticed I could run a pair of fun 17s through them...and then it was more fun to make it even wider...and here we are! Thanks to Quiara and Kelsey for testing!

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