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Puzzle 14 - Themeless #10

This is the sentence i put here so that the first letter of PUZ isn't ginormous.

  • I had a thing yesterday morning I'd been looking forward to for a while, and it didn't quite go as I was hoping (everything is okay). Feeling a little bummed.
  • Bummed out me did make two themelesses yesterday afternoon (not this one) that I really like though so yay
  • Don't have anything else to ramble on about this week. It's frigid here and summer can't show up fast enough.

Puzzle 13 - Themeless #9

Happy New Year (or Feliz Ano Nuevo) :). First things first - you should check out Tough as Nails - Stella Zawistowski's new site. First puzzle lives up to the name for sure, as my 1/4-filled in grid can attest to.


Not who I expected to sing 21-Down
  • Really wanted to clue 25-Down in an underwear-lacking way, but couldn't make it work. One underwear clue/entry per section is probably enough, anyways.
  • Not really a big video game guy (my days of pwning n00bs at Call of Duty are long in the past), but I've been playing a game called We the Revolution and it's a blast. You're a judge during the French Revolution and have to stay alive/balance your decisions between factions/take care of your family/gain power etc. Oh, and also theoretically actually administer justice. Long story short my dude's corrupt af and I should never be in a position of power.
  • Still working on that meta suite - have 2/3 puzzles done-ish but am stuck on the third mechanism.
  • I'd love to make the links auto-download, but not sure how to do it from Google Drive. Fixed! Thank you!
  • Come back on the 18th :)