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Puzzle 85 - "They Call Me"

Howdy howdy! Hope all who celebrated had a great Christmas! Our boys are 5 & 3, so right in the middle of loving every second of Christmas, and it's really a blast to see and be a part of!

This puzzle is a 21x sized fella, not because the theme is particularly Sunday-esque/ambitious, but solely because there just needs to be a bunch of themers. Friend of the blog Will Eisenberg put it very nicely the other day: "the best fill for themed puzzles comes from themes being in the correct sized grid for your theme."

A couple plugs - Ada Nicolle's luckystreak xwords are delightfully fresh, lively, and bursting with personality - absolutely worth subscribing! Also, you've got just over a week to get in on the AVCXpansion Kickstarter - another one that's very exciting and absolutely worth subscribing to!

PUZ - PDF - Solution

Puzzle 84 - Themeless #64

 Howdy! Have a couple announcements to get to before today's puzzle:

- First of all, you should check out the AVCXpansion project on Kickstarter! The people behind this project are wonderful, the AVCX consistently puts out great puzzles, and you should check them out. Whether you're looking for more great puzzles in your life, or looking for a good Christmas gift for a can't go wrong there.

- Also, after a couple of months of having to take an impromptu week off, I think it's about time to step back a smidge from posting here. I truly just don't have the time anymore to pump out three puzzles a month, and I feel like the quality has dipped a little bit recently - those two factors go hand in hand. So, from here on out, the schedule will be 2 puzzles per month - one on the 8th, and one on the 28th (sorry 18, but 8 and 28 are just better numbers). We'll see how this goes for a bit.

- Also friendly reminder - you can access all past puzzles at the Past Puzzles page. I've also added an AmuseLabs applet that will link to their online solver for all puzzles beginning with Puzzle 56 (which is a rockin' Husic/Thomas collab, if you haven't done it you should!). There's about a 0.001% chance I ever go back and upload all the pre-PuzzleMe puzzles there, so you'll have to go to the gdrive link (on the past puzzles page) to get .puz files for those bad boys.

Anyways, without further's this puz! I wanted soooooo bad to get triple stacks in the NW & SE corners, just think it would have been extra pretty - but was not meant to be. Still pretty happy with this though!

PUZ - PDF - Solution