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Puzzle 95 - Themeless #73

Don't really have much to say right now. Things hit you a bit differently when you have to send your kindergartener to school the next day with nothing more than a great big hug. Thanks to those who cleaned up a couple of clues here. This guy feels like it's flirting a bit with the snazziness/more-glue-than-i'd-prefer line, but *shrug*.

PUZ - PDF - Solution

Puzzle 94 - Themeless #72 (if i ran the zoo)

We are all, unfortunately, under the weather. Fortunately not COVID but everyone just has this miserable little nonstop runny nose/cough deal. It is on its way out, thankfully. Lots of cuddles on the couch, board games with the kids, thunderstorm watching porch snuggles, and movie nights though <3. Hope this puzzle finds you well! Happy Mother's Day to all moms out there!

PUZ - PDF - Solution