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Puzzle 20 - Themeless #14

I'm going to my first ever crossword tournament this weekend - Crossword Tournament From Your Couch. Join and kick my butt (I am not a fast solver by any stretch of the imagination).


  • The top left was actually the last stack to go together - couldn't believe how lucky I was to find it!
  • Highly encourage constructors to play with this & similar grid patterns. It's a lot of fun - this is my first one where I've opened up things up a smidge and not surprisingly, it's way tougher to fill.
  • Seeing the shitshow that is primary voting during a by mail is fantastic and the rest of the country should adopt it.
  • Lot easier to work at home with my wife when we already work at the same place & are used to seeing each other throughout the day :)
  • Please stay home.
  • Hope to see & meet some folks on Saturday!