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Puzzle #118 - Wealth Distribution

I've had this 80% done for a week or so, but sick kids (we're mostly good now) + busy at work means I haven't had the chance to finish until this morning...when one of the boys was wide awake at 445 AM. Good thing I've grown to love coffee.

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Puzzle 117 (Themeless #84) - C'mon Bro

We spent spring break in Mexico City and oh my goodness it was absolutely incredible!! I can't NOT talk about how amazing it was. The weather was awesome, the food was delicious, we got to see incredible sights like the Teotihuacan pyramids & the Estadio Azteca, but the thing that will always stick out to me were the parks. Oh my goodness. Mexico City has the most beautiful, incredible, vibrant and lively parks I have ever seen. They're full of not only families and children playing, but also adults using calisthenics equipment, Zumba & dance groups, roller skating squads, vendors selling paletas (yum!!), beautiful artwork and architecture, the most well-behaved dogs around, oodles of play equipment, massive, gorgeous trees (jacarandas!!!), kids playing kindly everywhere, and just a wonderful sense of community and vibrancy and liveliness that we all fell in love with. Absolutely incredible. I want parks here to be even a fraction of that. We all loved it so much and I'd go back in a heartbeat.

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