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Puzzle 93 - Themeless #71 *missy elliot voice* this is a bt & crosstinizzle productshizzle


bt: crosstina's puzzles are essential solving. just absolutely incredible. have you ever thought "wow i wish constructors would pour their heart into every clue"? if so, run don't walk over to her blog. i cackled with glee every time i opened back up the cluing doc.

crosstina: when BT hit me up to do this collab and i gasped—for two reasons. one, because the seed fill was irresistible. two, because, well— (see image)

the grid is so fun and writing it together was a delight. this puzzle is just a laugh and a smile for me and i hope you enjoy it, too!

PUZ - PDF - Solution

Puzzle 92 - Themeless #70 (social distancing)

First off, big thanks to Amy Reynaldo and Kelsey Dixon for helping out with a couple of clues! They're both pretty rad. And to Kate Chin Park for encouraging me to just post the puzzle early now that it's ready. She's pretty rad too.

Second, there's a link in one of the clues that I really encourage you to read. I happened across it a year or two back and it really nicely ties together and expands on a few formerly disparate thoughts I'd had for a while: how boring and unremarkable American suburbia is, how not-fun driving & traffic is, and why our roads always seem to suck. Someday, I'll write more (well perhaps) on how destructive and unsustainable the self-reinforcing feedback loop between car culture and suburban sprawl really is, but today is not that day. The clued article is a great jumping off point.

PUZ - PDF - Solution