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Puzzle 87 - Themeless #66 (livin' inside computer parts)


  • Themeless puzzles now have titles! Other folks have been doing this for a while and I've recently realized how much I enjoy it. Meant to do it as a whole new year thing but forgot last puzzle.
  • Rebecca and Brooke's latest Crossnerds episode, on the continued gender disparities at the NYT, is 100% worth a listen.
  • Collab with Kate Chin Park - "a wee little puzzle"
  • Guest spot on girlbosswords - "guest themeless (brian)"
  • Seedlist has been updated - now with almost 600 words. Free for anyone to use.
  • Cars suck.

PUZ - PDF - Solution

Puzzle 86 - Themeless #65

i finished cluing this the night of the 7th after having a few drinks. tomorrow morning me is going to be very upset with tonight me. also it's midnight basically everywhere but the best coast so just posting now #yolo

PUZ - PDF - Solution