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Puzzle 18 - Pipe Down

First day of my between jobs mini vacation. I spent it biking around to various breweries and getting sloshed. 10/10 would recommend. We have lots of good beer up here in the NW. Anyways, this is a Harry Potter themed puz (that i'm surprised nobody's done before). If you don't like Harry Potter, sorry not sorry, contact me  for a full refund.

Edit: 6-Down clue is now fixed.


Puzzle 17 - Themeless #12

I got the "close but no cigar" email on this puzzle a week or so ago, and for whatever reason I'm not feeling the cluing energy (I have a bundle of barely clued grids just sitting there), so here's this one! I really like it & hope you do too!


One of the very few Mariners highlights
  • I landed my realistic dream job the other day! I'll be an analyst for a local nonprofit healthcare group that provides services to all, regardless of insurance/ability to pay! Super stoked about it and can't wait to start in a couple of weeks!
  • My unrealistic dream job is GM of the Mariners, but that ship sailed a long time ago (though it'd be hard to do worse than Jack Z)
  • The last time the Mariners made the playoffs was 2001. I hadn't even hit puberty, zero Harry Potter movies were out, Destiny's Child was still together, and the US had been in Afghanistan for 15 days, not 15+ years.
  • Speaking of Harry Potter, next week's will have a Harry Potter theme. I promise it's doable even if you're not a fan.
  • The first iPod was released the day after the M's were eliminated from the playoffs in 2001.
  • *cries*