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Puzzle 120 - Themeless #86 (And We're Rolling)

Sunday afternoon, I was pretty sleepy, but we had too much to at about 3:30 I downed a cup of coffee and got to work. On the bright side, I did get a lot done, on the not-so-bright side I was WIRED that night. But once again on the bright side I put this puzzle together let's go ahead and call it a net win.

Also...this won't be the last time you hear from me in the coming weeks :)

PUZ - PDF - Solution

Puzzle #119 (Themeless #85) - One Puzzle Two Puzzle Red Puzzle Blue Puzzle

 Howdy there! Been a little while, and the month-ish gap between puzzles will probably be here to stay for a bit. With the long summer nights, I'd rather be playing w/ the kids riding bikes, playing soccer, etc. and it's pretty awesome :)

PUZ - PDF - Solution