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Puzzle 83 - Jumbo Themeless #2

11/28 - gonna take another week off. Be back on December 8th!

Finally finished this puzzle! I streamed the construction of ~half the grid some 6 months ago & never was able to finish (hung onto a couple entries that didn't fit for a wee bit too long). Anyhoo enjoy!

PUZ - PDF - Solution

Puzzle 82 - Rollback

I was watching some crossword streams over the past week or so, and just wanted to clear something up. I heard some streamers and commenters were not quite sure of my stance on ebikes. I would like to take this opportunity to make my position crystal clear for all to see, so that there will be no more confusion as to where I stand.

I love ebikes.

I also love regular bikes, trains, pedestrians, busses, trolleys, scooters, longboards, and many other fun, healthy, environmentally friendly ways to get around.

Thank you.

This puzzle is brought to you courtesy of the NYT rejection queue...somebody forgot to check if this exact theme idea had been done before submitting. Whoopsies. Next puzzle should be a jumbo themeless! Was hoping to post it today, but a) jumbo themelesses have a lot more clues to write and that is always my logjam, and b) I didn't want to steal Sid's jumbo themeless thunder ;)