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Puzzle #122 - Themeless 88 (da bomb puzzle)

Been over a month since I've blogged but it has been a very busy month! We got the upstairs of our house finished...the like 900 square feet for all four of us was just too small & I was tired of stepping on Legos and Hot Wheels 18 times a day. Morgan & I are all moved upstairs now and we now have two bathrooms - which is just the absolute greatest thing! On top of that, we turned our old bedroom downstairs into a playroom for the boys (we did the work on that one) which is also going great! Nice to have most of the mess contained to one room! Been a wonderfully exhausting month, but so so worth it!

Anyways, if I could remember to make Twitch store videos somehow I'd post a link - we made this a couple of weeks ago and I swear I have the "save videos" button on but idk what's going on.

PUZ - PDF - Solution