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Puzzle 10 - Themeless #7

Woohoo! Made it to double-digits! Fingers crossed for triple digits in a few years!

I might be here in a few months!
  • There's a chance my wife will have a conference in DC in the spring - if she does we're gonna try to swing a little kid-free vacation there when she's all done. I've never been & have spent the past weeks planning a hypothetical vacation. It's probably not going to happen now that I've got my hopes up.
  • I freaking love vacation planning.
  • Totally bragging here but a couple years ago I surprised Morgan for her birthday with a little 3 day trip to Colorado. I told her we were picking up my cousin - she had no idea til we got to the airport that it was a trip for just us! And I packed her bag & everything...the only thing I forgot were socks. Counting that as a win.
  • 9 letter entries might be the sweet spot in terms of colorfulness per space taken up in a grid. All else equal (which of course is never the case), I'd rather spread 45 letters out through 5 9 letter entries than 3 grid-spanning 15s. That said, this puzzle has a whopping two 9ers, though the next one has...a lot of them.
  • Funnily enough, 28-Across showed up in a NYT a few weeks ago for the first time in forever, right after I put it in here. Anyways, it stinks, you know it, I know it, let's just move on. Who brought it up, anyways?
  • 22-Down showed up as a LearnedLeague answer Friday. I'm right on the edge of the promotion zone (hopefully back up to D, I'm not very good), we'll see what happens in the next couple weeks!
  • Probably enough yammering from me, come back for another themeless next time!