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Puzzle 25 - Cruciverbally Blonde (Guest Themeless #2) by Richard Allen

Another guest puzzle, this time by Richard Allen. I'm gonna let him introduce himself:...and if you scroll waaaay down, some spoilers for the genesis of the puzzle

"I've been constructing crosswords for just over a year. Whenever I get frustrated with my progress, I try to remind myself that the first puzzle I ever made had both two-letter words and unchecked squares and the clues for the second were largely obtained from Anagram Finder."


I'm gonna keep running guest puzzles on a similar schedule to my own puzzles - one every day that ends in 3, supply permitting. If you've got a puzzle that, well, needs a home, feel free to reach out! You keep all rights (though you won't likely be able to sell it anywhere else), no hate speech, bigotry, etc.

See you on the 28th!





The seed entries for this puzzle came from the following exchange on Twitter between two constructors whose work I greatly admire, @TrudeauRoss and @AimeeLucido :

Like many other currently quarantined constructors, I'm constructing more grids these days than I was, say, a month ago, and I happened to have Crossfire open when I read those tweets. I immediately thought:


I don't know either Ross or Aimee personally, but I wasn't going to let that stop me from making a dumb joke on Twitter, so a few minutes later I replied with a screenshot of a grid containing two sets of parallel 15s drawn from that brief exchange (unfillable, believe it or not):

And that would have been that... if I hadn't left Crossfire open. At some point later that day I pulled up the window with the joke grid again, started messing with it, and eventually arrived at this themeless with a pair of parallel 15s, which, as Ross and Aimee noted, is not the easiest structure to build a grid around, but I got lucky in this instance.