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Puzzle 35 - Themeless #25 (with Brooke Husic and Sid Sivakumar!)

Guest puzzle coming your way today by the wonderfully talented duo of Brooke & Sid! They are two of my absolute favorite constructors out there and I'm honored to get to host a collab between the two of them! Go check out for more spiffy puzzles! (there just might be a new puzzle there right now too!)

Sid: I was trying to find interesting grid patterns with 90°-rotational symmetry, and this one stood out as visually striking while offering a lot of long bonus slots (20 in this grid!) at 66 words. Brooke elevated this grid with her masterful clue-writing -- I love the angles for 18A, 7D, and 10D, and her commitment to representation is inspiring. Cheers!

Brooke: When Sid asks me to clue one of his grids it feels like my birthday. He filled this one in a matter of hours, which no one should be surprised about at this point. I love how even the short stuff is really fun - both for me as the clue writer and for solvers. Excited to see what he's got in store for us at Boswords this weekend.