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Puzzle 48 - Themeless #37

Finally got around to setting things up with Amuse Labs & PuzzleMe! Woohoo! Don't worry, links below for those that prefer PDF/PUZ files.

This puzzle was seeded from a Twitch chat with Chris Piuma - he streams crosswords/spelling bee/other word games every day at 8 AM Pacific time - come hang out! Chris also has his own site with plenty of fun puzzles!





  1. 9-Down isn't remotely true. Most chefs consider salted butter to be adulterated and unsalted butter to be "pure." Certainly every baker wouldn't dare use salted butter. You can add any amount of salt to recipes but you can't take out salt that's already in the butter. Using unsalted butter gives the baker ultimate control as to how much salt they're putting into a recipe.

    1. As an non-baker & unprofessional chef, I debated adding a "(to me, at least)" at the end of the clue. Ultimately decided it felt a little more fun & sassy to leave it off.

      Thanks for swinging by!


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