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Puzzle 69 - Themeless #54 (with Kate Leiserson)

I like cluing. It's alright, and when a clue comes together just right it's better than just alright. But I don't love it - sometimes it's a bit of a chore. What I do love is gridding. So after doing a couple of gorgeous puzzles by Kate, and then seeing a certain tweet...well, we were off to the races. I'll let my fellow Spokane native (!!!) Kate take it away below:

This is a story about how you should ask for what you want. I'm extremely new to constructing - no published puzzles, just a humble little blog - and while I love writing clues, I'm rotten at making grids*. It'll get better with practice, I know, but for now, that's my strugglebus. Anyway: while musing on this fact recently, I tweeted semi-jokingly that people should send me their unclued grids - and amazingly, Brian reached out to say that he'd like to! Cluing this grid was tons of fun. So many fun entries that had their own personality, all I had to do was lean into it all. I'm thrilled to have had the chance to work with Brian, and hope folks enjoy solving as much as I enjoyed making!

*Editor's note: absolutely not true, see prior links :)

PUZ - PDF - Solution


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