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Puzzle 73 - Themeless #57

This puzzle kicks off a month of somewhat bonkers grids (although this one is the tamest of the lot). Directly inspired by/stolen from Will Nediger, the rules for this grid are simple - randomly pick five squares to be blocked and five squares to get random letters in them, and build the grid around that. It was a fun exercise (and resulted in a grid I'd never build on my own) - so much fun that I did it twice! Purple blocks are the generated blocks, and yellow squares are the generated letters.

This is second one of these & I streamed the construction - you can still watch it on my occassionally-used Twitch channel (link starts you about 10 minutes in, which is when the construction actually starts). For those of you that already swung by the stream, I swapped the order around & am posting the streamed puzzle first, mostly because I think/hope some people will want to check out the stream after solving).

For the 18th, I've got a non-random-but-still-kinda-out-there grid, and then on the 28th we'll do the first random grid (which did not quite give me as kind of letters and blocks as this one...)

PUZ - PDF - Solution