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Puzzle #110 (secret snowflake)

Howdy there! Last month, a bunch of folks participated in a "Secret Snowflake" crossword exchange, organized on the Crosscord Discord channel. It was a blast, and I'm (a little belatedly) throwing up the puzzle I made for Lyle Broughton of Jack of all Squares. The goal was to create a little more personalized crossword for your recipient - it took a little bit, but I'm pretty happy with how this one turned out. Lyle is pretty well-known for some other things, and I knew I wanted to lean into that area ... anyways that's enough vaguely spoilerish yapping, go solve the puz :)

Holiday season + work has been pretty busy (but in a good satisfying way) means this blog has been a little quieter lately. I do have another halfway clued themed puzzle, you should see that in the next week or so. And I also will be making my published Sunday debut in a couple weeks, a collab on January 29th which I am extraordinarily excited for - don't miss it!


PUZ - PDF - Solution


  1. This is a mind game. I also like to play this puzzle very much. This makes the mind work well.


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