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Puzzle #114 (Themeless #82) - Ice Cream for Dinner

Howdy! Saturday morning puzzle drop! This is the puzzle we made on Twitch together last weekend - so once you're done solving, if you'd like to watch two hours of me gridding, head on over here. Up next, I've got a themed puzzle & a metapuzzle coming, not sure what order they'll be in, but those are on deck. Cheers!

PUZ - PDF - Solution


  1. Exactly what kind of 25D are you drinking?

    1. Er, that is, because I don’t consider that to be a cloyingly sweet drink

    2. Different strokes! I've tried it on a few different occasions and was just overwhelmed w/ sweetness. Couldn't tell ya what kind it was, but couldn't resist a little clue editorializing :)


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